Special Initiatives

St. Bonaventure’s coaches and administrators can identify special initiatives that call for funds to be raised outside of the annual BAF appeal. Here are just a few examples.

Putting Technology To Work
The Bonnies basketball team spends its fair share of time on the road during the season. The hours spent on a bus, in an airplane and in hotels became more productive for St. Bonaventure’s student-athletes thanks to a gift from Eileen and Chris Kinslow ’84. The Kinslow’s generosity funded the purchase of ipads for the team. Players and coaches now have practice plans, video of recent games and upcoming opponents and the team playbook at their fingertips. Thanks to the Kinslows, communication between coaches and players is not limited to the traditional team meeting, leading to a team that is better prepared for the rigors of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Donor’s Gift Takes Winter Golf Practices To New Level
True to their reputation, western New York winters can be grueling and reluctant to end. Regardless, St. Bonaventure’s golf team has to be prepared to compete by early March, regularly making long trips south for “spring” tournaments. While the SBU Fitness Center in Olean has been adapted for indoor practices, hitting balls into a net did not give the Bona players feedback necessary to really improve. In stepped Ed Murray ’68, a diehard golfer who has been a long-time benefactor to the program. Mr. Murray’s gift enabled the team to purchase a Flight Scope simulator, which tracks the flight of the ball off the club face and provides real-time data on each shot like ball speed, distance, carry and roll. Perhaps most important, Flight Scope shows if a shot spins to the right or left. Winter practices now carry significantly more impact for St. Bonaventure’s golfers. Most important, Murray’s gift has made the team of today and the future that much more competitive. 


Sport and Area-Specific Special Initiatives

St. Bonaventure’s head coaches, administrators and support staff have identified initiatives specific to their team(s) as outlined here.

Academic Support
Assistant Athletic Director Heather McDivitt: "We are very proud of the terrific academic achievement of our student athletes. They work very hard in the classroom, and their success is made possible with financial donations. As we have more student athletes on rosters, we would like to add computers to our study hall room. Additionally, we are looking to expand the services we provide students by bringing nationally known speakers to engage to our student athletes. Recognizing how busy and active our athlete are, we hope to create a nutrition station where student athletes can get free healthy snacks to provide them with the energy needed to excel at the D1 level.  The generosity of our donors provides us with useful resources to support our students and allow them to do well in the classroom.

Academic Support Area Needs:
1. Five Apple iMac computers
2. Money for NCAA off campus speaker
3. Student-athlete nutrition station


Men’s Basketball

Coach Mark Schmidt:
“Since I have been here, the support from donors to both the Sixth Man Club and the BAF has grown and grown. It’s gratifying to know that people believe in your vision and are willing to support our program financially … that makes it possible for us to do so many things we could not have done before. I’m just grateful for the support.”

Team Needs:
1. Enhanced charter flight fund
2. Fund for student-athlete nutrition
3. Renovations to team locker room

Women’s Basketball

Coach Jesse Fleming: “Over my time as an assistant coach here, the support our program received grew and grew. That was a major part in our success on and off the court. I am confident that our donors will continue to support St. Bonaventure women’s basketball, whether it’s through a major project or an annual gift to the BAF. We can’t say thank you enough.”

Team Needs:
1. Enhanced charter flight fund
2. Fund for student-athlete nutrition
3. Renovations to coaches & staff offices

Men’s Soccer

Coach Kwame Oduro: “Our alumni have been great since I took over this program a few years ago. Their ongoing generous contribution has been vital as we continue to progress our men’s soccer program forward.”

Team Needs:
1. Enhancements for recruiting budget
2. Team travel enhancements
3. Soccer shelters and storage

Women’s Soccer

Coach Steve Brdarski: “Every day our women's soccer program has the honor to represent SBU Athletics, and we are motivated by the many who believe in us and who continue to dedicate their lives to Bonas. The heart and soul of St. Bonaventure will always be the alumni and supporters of this great institution. We can never say thank you enough, and nor will we ever take for granted the passion, enthusiasm, and loyalty that we receive from you. Thank you sincerely to the Bonas family near and far, and we appreciate the daily impact of your generosity to help us be successful on and off the field-- GO BONNIES!!!”

Team Needs:
1. Enhancements for recruiting budget
2. Team travel enhancements
3. Soccer shelters and storage


Coach Larry Sudbrook: “St. Bonaventure, which is the David among the Goliaths in their conference, relies on alumni contributions to keep it competitive in the ultra-competitive Atlantic 10.  I have been fortunate in my 31 seasons at St. Bonaventure to have an extremely supportive alumni, and I thank them for that.”

Team Needs:
- Stalker Radar Gun
- Helmet/Bat Rack 
- HP Team Laptop


Coach Mike Threehouse: "Support from donors is the lifeblood of our program. I have been proud of the support offered to softball over the past 21 years and I look forward to working with donors and friends as we continue to move the SBU softball program forward.”

Team Needs:

1. Pitching machine
2. Two new flag poles
3. New PA/sound system for Joyce Field

Strength & Conditioning

Coach Darryn Fiske: “Donor support through the BAF is HUGE for the strength and conditioning program at St. Bonaventure.  While we work with every team and student-athlete within the department, we also do not have a specific alumni base upon which to solicit financial support from like most of our athletic programs have.  So any contribution to our BAF really affects every ATHLETE and PROGRAM and not just one particular program.  So on behalf of the student-athletes and the strength and conditioning program at St. Bonaventure University – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  We couldn’t do it without you.”

Area Needs:
1. New Power Rack System
2. Customized Weight Plates
3. PowerBloc U-125 Dumbbells and Stands 


Coach Ryan Swanson:
“Donor support is the heart and soul of our athletic department. Without the incredible support of our golf donors, our schedule is impossible and our team cannot compete against the best fields at some of the best courses in the country. Thank you to all those who support the golf program. Your generosity is not, and never will be, forgotten.”

Team Needs:
1. Tournament travel fund
2. Spring practice travel fund
3. Scholarship fund

Men’s & Women’s Cross Country/Track

Coach Bob MacFarlane:
“Donor support is the catalyst of change. Over the past four years, change has occurred in dramatic fashion with the men’s and women’s cross country programs and with the addition of a distance-only track program for the 2017 season.  I’m very proud to be associated with this adventure, and personally want to thank all past donors with their help in establishing a viable track/XC program at Bonaventure.”

Team Needs:
1. Equipment
2. Enhancements to travel budget
3. Recruiting budget enhancements

Women’s Swimming & Diving

Coach Brian Thomas:
“In order to continue our growth and build upon the foundation that’s been set, we must cultivate a culture of giving that rivals the rest of the Atlantic 10. I firmly believe that this is THE WAY for our program to make a significant move toward the top of the conference. Financial donations have an immediate impact on the athletic and intellectual pursuits of our student-athletes while allowing us to compete for conference championships. We are tremendously indebted to those that invest and thank you for choosing to be a part of OUR TEAM!”

Team Needs:
1. Color Matrix Video Board
2. New team record board

Men’s & Women’s Tennis

Coach Mike Bates:
The support we get from our donors allows us to compete in some of the top tournaments and against some nationally ranked teams.  This competition helps develop our players mentally and physically for our A-10 Championships.  I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of St. Bonaventure Men’s and Women’s Tennis.

Team Needs:
1. New electronic scoreboard for indoor facility
2. Addition of two more tennis courts to indoor facility
3. Resurfacing the outdoor tennis courts