Sport-By-Sport Gifts

It is the right of the donor to allocate BAF donations to a specific sport or sports, as well as the academic support center, the strength and conditioning program or the sports medicine area. 

These designated gifts will be put into the BAF budget of each sport or area and are then available for the coach or administrator to use as he/she deems necessary. The use of all donated funds is approved by the athletics administration. 

It is typical for each sport or area to have an annual fundraising goal. The vast majority of that goal is achieved through BAF donations; the rest is normally filled through team fundraisers.

The impact of restricted BAF gifts:

  • Makes a direct donation to the sport or area of the donor’s preference.
  • Provides funding for opportunities that may arise or to fulfill a “wish list” item for a team. For example, several of the golf team’s tournaments are funded through the generosity of BAF donors.
  • Supports annual operating needs of the sport or area.

Areas of allocation in the BAF are:

-          Baseball

-          Men’s Basketball

-          Women’s Basketball

-          Men’s Cross Country/Distance Track

-          Women’s Cross Country/Distance Track

-          Golf

-          Men’s Lacrosse

-          Women’s Lacrosse

-          Men’s Soccer

-          Women’s Soccer

-          Men’s Swimming & Diving

-          Women’s Swimming & Diving

-          Men’s Tennis

-          Women’s Tennis

-          Academic Support Center

-          Strength & Conditioning

-          Sports Medicine